IP Research In Action

IP Research In Action


Insights gleaned from the world’s patent data can help drive new innovation and influence business strategy. With Derwent Innovation (formerly Thomson Innovation), you give your company’s decision makers the advantage of having the world’s most complete source of patent data combined with powerful analytic tools to create actionable intelligence.

  • Unrivalled coverage of the world’s most important patent authorities ensures that your research is as thorough and comprehensive as possible

  • Scientific literature covering more than 12,000 journals spanning more than 100 years

  • Incorporate your own data with global patent data using the unique Custom Fields capability to easily categorize and share relevant IP data, enhancing collaboration and saving valuable time

  • Streamline your research activities by directly accessing File Histories

  • Export records into Excel or other formats to incorporate into reports or presentations

  • Charting templates let you create commonly-used charts in a single step; a chart wizard guides you through more complex data and formatting configurations.

  • An integrated record view gives you complete information about a patent with first-level data, DWPI data and INPADOC data integrated into a single record view.

Put the power of Derwent Innovation to work for you.