Research & Development In Action

Research & Development In Action


With the pace of innovation accelerating, the race to come up with the latest technological breakthrough and get to market first is on. Accelerate your R&D activities and spark new discoveries by leveraging the unmatched combination of comprehensive IP data and powerful analysis and visualization tools in Derwent Innovation (formerly Thomson Innovation).

  • Stimulate new ideas and get the most accurate picture or prior art by simultaneously searching comprehensive, global collections of patents and scientific journals

  • Gain greater insights into technology and identify an innovation’s novelty that you can only uncover by searching the editorially enhanced English-language titles and abstracts in Derwent World Patents Index®

  • See the full scope of global activity in emerging and growing markets by searching our extensive coverage of Asia-Pacific content in English.

  • Uncover others patenting in your areas of research, and identify competitive threats and potential partners to help you make more strategic build-versus-buy decisions.

  • Enhance collaboration by creating a virtual workspace allowing employees across the globe to manage and share information.

Put the power of Derwent Innovation to work for you.