Information only becomes effective when it’s shared.  Derwent Innovation (formerly Thomson Innovation) gives you an unparalleled set of collaboration tools for sharing information and insight with your team.  So you can keep everyone up to date, get critical feedback throughout the process, and leverage internal expertise to refine and improve your work in real time.

  • Share information with colleagues worldwide in a secure online workflow encompassing everything from raw data to internal documents to your own comments

  • Industry-leading Custom Fields let you combine your data with global patent data for better, more relevant IP decisions

  • Leverage the experts in your company throughout the development process so that you’re better prepared for success— internally and in the marketplace

  • Reduce development time and time to market by streamlining the collaborative process, identifying dead ends sooner, and building company-wide support through the development process

Work together— and work better, with the collaborative capabilities built into Derwent Innovation.