What's New


The next generation of Derwent Innovation (formerly Thomson Innovation) opens up a world opportunity

This summer we are making significant investments in Derwent Innovation to deliver customer value in a number of ways.


Smart Search with smart themes

Smart Search now provides an intelligent extraction of key terms – smart themes - from a block of text. These smart themes are searched using our patent-pending Smart Search technology. Save yourself the time of manually reading and identifying keywords from an invention disclosure, patent or other full-length text documents. Use Smart Search to extract keywords and search full:

  • Invention Disclosures from R&D
  • Patents
  • Scholarly Articles
  • Handbook or User Manuals
  • Technical Specifications


Results Dashboard

Launched June 12th, the new Derwent Innovation Results Dashboard enables you to simplify complex patent information. It is an easy to understand, interactive visual filter that lets you tell a story with a snapshot.

See trends in your searches and filter your results to pinpoint your findings. The dashboard will appear as four visualizations, integrated directly into the search results page. You will see your search results visually as bar, bubble or line charts as well as a map. Narrow your results with this visual filter to instantly understand key elements of your result set and take action. You can also share snapshots with your colleagues.

Watched Record Enhanced Notifications

New Watched Record alert emails clearly identify changes and link to key documentation. The alert emails provide immediate intelligence, which saves you time currently spent reviewing records to find the changes yourself.


We power the IP market – More than forty patent offices worldwide and 90% of the world’s top filers depend on our content. Our content has been rated higher than the competition by a third party consultancy. Derwent Innovation, plus DWPI provides more accurate and more relevant results than the competition. Not using Derwent Innovation means you risk leaving yourself open to making costly IP mistakes.

Upcoming Enhancements

Look for more enhancements in the coming months. They include:

  • ThemeScape enhancements
  • Usability enhancements to exports and simplified save to workfile workflow
  • Content enhancements – DWPI and DPCI quality improvements and additional citation coverage from 9 authorities


Learn more about the latest release on our training pages: